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  1. The Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi seeks a senior resource for the position of Senior Manager at its Alumni & Resource Mobilization Departments. The position reports to the Director, ARC and is responsible for strategic leadership, planning, execution, and accountability that support department’s programs and services. The incumbent will be responsible for the management of fundraising, an overall oversight and coordination of donor engagement, all fundraising, and alumni affairs department activities. The incumbent uses an entrepreneurial approach in leading the staff to develop and submit high quality institutional and high value donor proposals and tender bids that are aligned with defined priorities, demonstrate impact, and offer value for money. Must be proactive in identifying new and non-traditional sources of funding from a range of institutional donors and working to leverage funding prospects. Also, builds the capacity of staff to develop and manage strategic partnerships with other NGOs and private sector organizations where appropriate. S/he will also oversee the development and implementation of Fundraising strategy and operational Plan. Moreover, will be responsible for all activities and relations of alumni and will be an in charge of developing and managing engagement programs focused on increasing the depth and diversity of the relationships with alumni fraternity. Incumbent is required to develop and implement alumni engagement strategies along with other university personnel such as alumni outreach programs and fundraising programs.

    Key Responsibilities:
    • Lead Alumni Affairs and Resource Mobilization and ensure that strategic objectives are met
    • Lead the resource mobilization efforts of IBA by engaging with existing and new donors both in the private as well as public sector.
    • Lead Resource Mobilization activities including but not limited to arranging Fund raisers, introducing new avenues of donation, conducting meetings of Advisory Council, and visiting potential donors to encourage them to support IBA.
    • Lead the alumni relationship of IBA with the view to engage with the network and encourage them to give back to IBA in the form of equity, jobs, time, money, and expertise.
    • Increase in endowment fund to create sustainable income for IBA’s Financial Assistance program.
    • Finding new donors
    • Approaching existing donors for refurbishment of facilities and other funds
    • Introducing new avenues for donation purposes.
    • Help in getting alumni reacquainted with their alma mater as well as in connecting them to each other to maintain social and professional bonds.

    Qualification and Skills Requirement:
    • Master’s Degree from an HEC recognized university
    • Experience: At least 10-12 years of relevant work experience
    • Knowledge of donor landscape, corporate culture, and resource mobilization efforts
    • Thorough understanding of and commitment to the goals and responsibilities of the fund-raising initiatives.
    • Strong written and verbal communications skills.
    • Effective organizational and management skills.
    • Demonstrated public relations/marketing/sales abilities.

    Last date to apply: September 9, 2021
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